Vancouver Canucks Season is Weird so Far

Vancouver Canucks season

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
Hunter S. Thompson

For the Vancouver Canucks, “weird” is usually an epithet for unlucky bounces, identical twins, or the occasional goaltender. As the NHL comes back from the season’s break, it’s worth looking at some of the Vancouver Canucks season weird numbers, events, or just coincidences that would make even Raoul Duke carefully inspect what he was ingesting.

Vancouver Canucks Season Has Been Weird

Worth It!

Loui Eriksson hasn’t had the easiest time of it during his Canucks’ tenure. Given a $36 million deal, it’s no surprise that far more is expected of him than has been delivered. He has always had some ability as a defensive forward, so he’s found plenty of ice time. Unfortunately for him, the team’s increased depth has left Loui sitting as often than not this year.

He’s managed just two goals in his 19 games this season – as many as current AHLer Tyler Graovac. And one of those two was into an empty net. In fact, since he’s trusted defensively, he’s often out there to protect leads. Five of his 34 goals with Vancouver are empty-netters. But you only get those chances when your team is in the lead. Which means…

The Vancouver Canucks season is undefeated in regulation when Loui Eriksson scores: 26-0-4. It doesn’t even matter which empty net he scores in. Yet only three of his 34 goals are game-winners.

Every Half-Century

Not all the Vancouver Canucks season stats are negative. For instance, 20-year-old rookie Quinn Hughes has been living up to his billing, which is great news. But by how much is a little alarming. He’s taken 1D minutes ever since veteran Alexander Edler‘s injury, passing the 24-minute mark six times in December alone. He’s on pace to easily blow past 50 points, something Vancouver hasn’t had a defender do in literal decades.

The most points scored by a rookie defenceman for the Canucks was established in Year One by Dale Tallon. That no one has managed to beat 56 points in 50 years speaks volumes about not only Tallon’s ability but the team’s drafting. Then again, how often was a talent like Hughes available?

First Rate Fourth Liner

According to Money Puck the Canucks’ top line of Brock BoeserElias PetterssonJ.T. Miller has been excellent. Well, them and anyone else with eyes. They’re controlling over 60% of shot attempts while they’re on the ice, and a bit of a nightmare to play against. Heck, in terms of expected goals, they are also over 60%… but not the best on the team.

No, that honour comes with the return of sparkplug Tyler Motte. Injuries have limited him to just 11 games so far this season, where he’s been missed. The shut-down …read more

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