Tiger Woods’ Caddie Reveals What He Told Him On The First Tee

Tiger Woods was locked in from start to finish at The Masters on Sunday. His scorecard reflected this, obviously, as the 43-year-old golfer won the tournament, notching his first major championship in more than 10 years.

You could tell just by watching Woods that he was lasered in, too. Woods, who has grown friendlier on the course in recent years, wasn’t talking to his playing partners. He wasn’t interacting with the gallery, either.

It was just Woods, the course, and his caddie, Joe LaCava.

LaCava, speaking to Golf Digest after the victorious round, revealed what he told Woods on the first tee box.

“On the first tee I told him, ‘Intense but loose,’” LaCava said. “Don’t carry the weight of the world.” It’s a delicate balance, to make sure you’re fired up enough to hit the big shots, but you don’t want to be so overwhelmed by the moment that you tighten up and lose your ability to swing the golf club as you know how to.

“I think he did that,” LaCava added. “I thought he was pretty loose. But I didn’t want him to lose the intensity. At the same time, this isn’t the end all. Not ‘Let’s just have fun no matter what happens’—don’t get me wrong. But be loose.”

Caddie Joe LaCava with the inside story on what it was like between the ropes with Tiger Woods on Sunday, by @GolfDigest‘s @kalevins: https://t.co/gerzkOEzLX

— Mike O’Malley (@GD_MikeO) April 14, 2019

If the Woods we got on Sunday is the Woods we get the rest of the year, another major win (or two) could be coming.

Woods will compete in the PGA Championship at Bethpage Black (a course he’s very familiar with) from May 16-19.

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