Stephen A. Smith says Green Bay is nothing without Aaron Rodgers

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers means a lot to the Green Bay Packers. After all, since stepping in for Brett Favre, all he’s done is win 100 games to 57 losses and a tie, two MVP trophies, and a Super Bowl. But, are the Packers nothing without him? ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith seems to think so.

Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers is just some DAMN place with CHEESE!

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) August 14, 2019

Smith said the following in his daily rant with Max Kellerman on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Smith: “You [Max Kellerman] say he’s [Rodgers] got to work with the coach. I believe the coach has got to show he can work with him. See the difference?”

Kellerman: “Yes, yes! [Matt] LeFleur has more to prove, even in that respect. But, it’s not like there is nothing on Aaron Rodgers. He also has to show he can get along.”

Smith: “Okay, tomayto tomahto, okay, all I’m saying is I’m tired of these people coming acting like Aaron Rodgers has got to walk around on pins and needles. What the hell is Green Bay without Aaron Rodgers?”

Kellerman: “A lot of tradition and history there.”

Smith: “Someplace with cheese. That’s what the hell they are at this particular moment.”

It’s worth noting that the Packers have struggled to win games without Rodgers on the field. An obvious statement considering he’s widely regarded as an elite quarterback. In 2017, after Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6 of the season, the Packers went 3-6.

However, Green Bay isn’t just someplace with cheese.

Do you agree with Stephen A. Smith, or do you side with Max Kellerman on this take?

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