Saints vs. Rams: 5 bold predictions for NFL Week 2 matchup

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No one is going to forget the NFC Championship game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles last season any time soon.

The NFL made sure of that in fact. Their new challenge rules that allow teams to challenge pass interference has caused a big stir. Many believe it’s an overreaction to the blown call in the NFC Championship game. All it’s really doing is slowing down the game.

However, that shouldn’t be the story. The story this week should be that two great teams are going head to head and that the Saints will be looking for revenge. Will they get it though?

Here are five bold predictions for the Week 2 matchup between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams.

5. There’s a Challenge On a PI Call


I mean, this just has to happen, right? The ability to challenge pass interference is literally in place because of these two teams.

At some point in the game, one of the two teams will feel they didn’t get the right call and challenge the play. This will inevitably lead to the announcers and sports personalities everywhere only talking about the occasion for the next week.

Everyone will discuss the play, discuss last season’s play and discuss the new rule.

It will dominate the headlines for longer than it should and once again everyone will get totally sick of it.

4. The Two Teams Will Get Chippy

The New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams don’t exactly love each other. After the NFC Championship game, the two sides clearly don’t see eye to eye.

Saints players feel like they were cheated, and Rams players have told them to stop complaining. It’s a cycle that hasn’t stopped since the Super Bowl and has had a lot of time to boil over emotions.

Now the two teams get to see each other on the field again.

I’m not saying a massive fight will break out, but there will be a few instances of extracurricular activities happening.

No one will get ejected but there will be some extra jawing and maybe even a shove or two.

This will only add to the intensity of the game though and make even more people want to tune in, waiting to see what happens next.

3. Taysom Hill Scores Another Touchdown


Taysom Hill is fun. That’s pretty obvious. He’s a quarterback that lines up anywhere and everywhere on offense.

Last week, he had two carries for eight yards and one reception for nine yards and a touchdown.

In Week 2, the Saints will continue to use him in a variety of ways.

One of those ways will see him score a touchdown for the second week in a row, and Hill will continue to solidify him as a legitimate weapon in the offense.

2. Todd Gurley Silences All Doubt

Todd Gurley has had doubters since the before the Super Bowl. That’s due to an injury to his knee that’s kept him from his usual amount of usage and his usual production.

Gurley took a big step forward in Week 1 though. Although he didn’t have …read more

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