Patriots’ Tom Brady hasn’t gotten his offensive line Christmas gifts yet

Tom Brady

Christmas is over and New England Patriots quarterback still hasn’t given his offensive lineman any Christmas presents yet. It’s usually a tradition for starting quarterbacks to give their offensive line gifts as a way of saying thank you for keeping them upright through the season.

According to Patriots center Ted Karras, the line still hasn’t received a gift because they still have some work to do.

“We still have business to take care of,” center Ted Karras said Thursday afternoon via

Around the league, other players have already received their gifts. Josh Allen gave his line Traeger grills, while Lamar Jackson gave his line Rolex watches.

Brady has been known for giving practical gifts. In 2016 when Karras was a rookie, he received Ugg Boots from Brady, something he still wears during the winter.

“Getting a gift from Tom Brady is kind of surreal,” said Karras. “I’m very thankful. I just try to do a great job for him. He’s so generous and such a good leader.”

Brady has also gifted IPads, watches, and even jackets during his time with the Patriots. Brady is probably still going to get some Christmas gifts, but maybe he is waiting to see how the team performs on Sunday to see what gift he wants to give them. With a win on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, the Patriots will lock up up the second seed in the playoffs and a first-round bye.

A week off during the Wild Card round would be a good time for Brady to give one of his practical gifts for his offensive linemen to use.

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