MLB Trades that could happen over the All-Star break


In the past, MLB fans have been privy to seeing front offices make deals during the All-Star break, catching players who may have even been playing in the game off guard.

Rumors were running ablaze during last season’s All-Star game, which were mainly focused on which team was going to acquire All-Star Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles. The Los Angeles Dodgers ended up winning that circus, although his antics in the postseason brought this team more bad publicity than good results on the diamond.

Nonetheless, teams have been known to make trades during the All-Star break, seeing as how all players are off and front offices are able to more easily communicate with each other to get deals all worked out. With that in mind, here are three deals that could be consummated over the ASB.

Zack Wheeler to the Boston Red Sox

According to reports, both the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox have been in discussions lately about sending Mets starting pitcher Zack Wheeler to the starter-hungry Red Sox. Currently sitting in third place in the American League East, the Red Sox need any and all types of additions to even begin to smell the postseason again.

For the Mets, their 2019 season has represented a failure so far, as their offseason moves have not resulted in the types of results they were looking for. Thus, sending out any players that could result in a decent prospect haul has to be at the forefront of their mind now.

Wheeler would be a solid no. 3 addition to the Red Sox rotation and the BoSox have a solid-enough farm system that would be able to replenish some of the prospects that the Mets lost in the Robinson Cano – Edwin Diaz deal with the Seattle Mariners over the offseason.

Madison Bumgarner to the New York Yankees

Another rumored deal to at least have some wheels, Madison Bumgarner has been rumored to be on the trade block since the offseason when it was pretty easily known that the San Francisco Giants would yet again not be competing for any sort of postseason play.

Now for Bum, he reworked his no-trade clause to help his chances of being acquired by a top-flight, contending team, which would work for the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers are in first in the AL East over the surging Tampa Bay Rays, but could always use another arm or two, especially with how bad injuries hit their squad earlier this season.

Bum would be a nice piece for the Yankees, and his demeanor and swagger (if you will) would probably rub some of the players the wrong way, but his play would make up for any ill-will that may develop between players.

Brad Hand to the Los Angeles Dodgers

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