Lakers great Kobe Bryant speaks out on getting double-teamed during pick-up games

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Not only did Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant used to get double-teamed during pick-up games, he actually encouraged it and told the other team to send one more guy to make it a triple-team.

Bryant, one of the greatest scorers in NBA history, didn’t chime in on how Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker lost his cool last month when he got double-teamed in a pick-up game with Joakim Noah and others. However, his latest comment could certainly spark another discussion about Booker’s reaction.

DARIUS MILES: Was people double-teaming you during pickup games?

KOBE: Oh Yeah! I said, “You gotta send another one.”#KnuckleUp Podcast Season [email protected]

— (@Ballislife) September 11, 2019

This is what we call that Mamba Mentality. Kobe Bryant loved competing at the highest level and always wanted to work on his game. It’s why he won five championships with the Lakers and cemented himself as the greatest player in franchise history.

There’s nothing wrong with what Devin Booker did, as the Suns guard was looking to work on his game and didn’t like the double-team because he gets it all season in Phoenix. However, the reason Bryant enjoyed getting doubled is because it prepares him for the real games. The Lakers icon used those instances to become a better player and scorer.

Kobe is cut from the Michael Jordan cloth. They are two of the fiercest competitors in NBA history. This isn’t a shot at Booker, it’s just that this generation of players have a different mindset when they’re playing pick-up games.

There’s a reason the Lakers retired Kobe’s No. 8 and No. 24 jerseys. He was an assassin while wearing both numbers and never shied away from a challenge.

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