Dr Shirley Coyle on UX design trends, wearables and adapting to change

Dr Shirley Coyle is a designer, creator and engineer, who has become one of Ireland’s leading experts in wearable technologies. In just a few examples of her work, she has designed smart vests to measure breathing technique, insoles to measure foot pressure, gait and speed, and wearable chemical sensors to monitor sweat during exercise.

Coyle is also part of the faculty for the upcoming UX Design Bootcamp in Dublin’s Talent Garden, which starts on 30 October. Ahead of the course, we asked her about some of the interesting trends in wearable tech and UX design.

‘Technology is shrinking and people are moving towards things like voice control, which really changes how you need to think when you’re designing something’

What is the aim of Talent Garden’s UX Design Bootcamp?

It covers the core concepts of user design. UX design is a fairly new term and sometimes the exact definition can become a bit blurred. Basically, what UX design means is that you’re looking at the whole user experience. It’s not just about developing an app or a website, it’s looking at how you create the whole experience, right from when somebody buys a product to the customer’s journey with the product.

When we talk about it in this sense, it’s relevant to a lot of different types of platforms. It could be web or it could be mobile apps, but also things like SaaS, gaming, wearables and other emerging technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality as well. I guess it covers all of the basic concepts of good design, showing designers how to carry out UX research and, from that research, how to develop a hypothesis and test it.

One great thing about this course is that it’s very action-based. There’s projects involved. It’s not really a course where you sit down and listen to lectures all the time. It’s a combination of lectures and practical work. There’s also great involvement from the industry and a number of different partners that the Talent Garden has brought in to provide projects and give participants real-life examples to work on.

The faculty involved are really diverse and have great experience. There’s people working in fintech, there’s people involved in innovation and medical device design, there’s people involved in storytelling from the BBC, people linked with Google and many others involved in the project.

Who can go to the UX Design Bootcamp?

It’s open to anyone. Anybody who’s looking to upskill or to keep up with the emerging trends. The people it’s probably most interesting to are people in graphic design, web developers or those on the software side of things. Product managers as well. It’s open to anybody who’s interested!

“You have to be pushing all the time as a UX Designer. Always be asking yourself – what can I do to make this platform better?”

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