Why these photogenic dumplings are popping up in Los Angeles

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First it was ice cream. Then came the egg.

And now the dumpling is getting its turn as an Instagram darling with a new pop-up exhibit in downtown L.A. that takes you into the offices of Dumpling & Associates to see how this dish makes its dough.

Set in a 5,500-square-foot space at the Row DTLA shopping complex, the pop-up museum runs through March 5.

Dumpling & Associates is the latest of the pop-up experiences designed for the Instagram crowd to pop up in the city.

In 2017, the Museum of Ice Cream got the scoop on the pop-up scene when it made its debut after a sold out run in New York, and in 2019 the Egg House cracked open in West Hollywood.

According to organizers, the new dumpling pop-up has a deeper message and is supposed to be about the similarities between humans and dumplings, since on the outside dumplings, like humans, may all look similar, but on the inside each one can have a very different filling — or something along those lines.

But really, it’s just about taking cool pictures for your Instagram feed as the pop-up recreates the office of a CEO named Mr. Dum-bling.

A couple walks through a room filled with giant bowls and dumplings at the Dumpling & Associates pop-up museum, which runs through March in downtown L.A. (Photo by Richard Guzman, SCNG)

The trip through more than a dozen rooms starts with a reception area where people are led into an interview room, as if they’re filling out a job application.

From there, it’s on to work as they walk through another reception room and on to a maze made up of curvy red walls.

There are only two paths so it doesn’t take long to get through to the office of the CEO, which is basically a giant sparkly dumpling with an interior covered in mirrors.

Next to that is a meeting room with giant bowls of food tipped over and a giant bottle of soy sauce spilling over.

Then a walk-through a tunnel made of pool noodles leads to the trippiest room of all, an upside-down kitchen with a checkered floor that gives it a weird moving illusion that’ll make you feel like Alice in Wonderland if she really loved dumplings.

Go ahead and take a picture here, and then rotate it so that you appear to be upside down, then post and go on to the next room.

This is where the day is starting to wind down and you find the dumpling Jacuzzi.

Take your shoes off and jump into the tub filled with little soft blue dumplings, it’s what 21-year-old Samantha Wool and 22-year-old Michelle Phan did as they snapped pictures of themselves for Instagram.

“I feel like it’s for people who want to take a lot of Instagram photos but it’s also fun to look at the art and the interpretations,” Wool said.

Interestingly, or perhaps fittingly, the pop-up ends in a bathroom that’s plastered wall to wall with newspapers.

And then you exit from the bathroom …read more

Source:: Los Angeles Daily News


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