Trump launches at the last and strange complaint against the windmills: “I never understood the wind”

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Donald Trump renewed his long-lasting attack against wind power during a labyrinthine speech to conservative students over the weekend.

Trump, who was speaking at a Turning Point USA event in Florida, told the crowd that he cheered “he has never understood the wind” as part of a section of his speech that mocks the environmental policies supported by Democrats, such as The Green New Deal

“I never understood the wind. I know windmills a lot, I have studied it better than anyone else, ”he said.

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“I know it is very expensive. Mostly, they are manufactured in China and Germany, very few are manufactured here, almost none, but they are manufactured, tremendous, if you like this, huge gases and gases are throwing into the atmosphere. You know we have a world, right?

The president also returned to another of his favorite criticisms of wind power by repeating exaggerated claims about the threat that turbines pose to bald eagles.

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Trump designs his “You’re fired!” pose at his Trump Tower office in June 2012. At that time he was known as a reality star in The Apprentice

Diane Bondareff / Invision / AP


He was also known as the patron of the Miss Universe competition.



The first signs of Trump’s ambition for the presidency can be found everywhere. No less important in his 2011 book “It’s time to get tough: make the United States back to be number 1”



Trump with Piers Morgan in November 2010. Piers Morgan has long argued that he and Trump are good friends



Trump appeared on Fox & Friends, his favorite show, in August 2011



Trump considered running for the 2012 elections, where he would have faced Barack Obama. He is speaking here at an event for a group of Republican women.



Trump was subjected to a Comedy Central barbecue in 2011. He is photographed here being roasted by rapper Snoop Dogg



Since this Trump store is located in the Trump Tower lobby, it can be said that Trump sells products of himself outside his own home



Trump held meetings with prominent Republicans when considering his 2012 offer. Here he appears with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.



He did not end up running in 2012 after all, but supported Republican candidate Mitt Romney

AFP / Getty


Trump’s golf course in Aberdeen was controversial in 2012 when he began pressuring the Scottish government against wind power so that they would not install turbines off the coast in their new field.



He even gave evidence to a Scottish parliamentary committee that discourages wind power.

AFP / Getty


He still found time for a round, of course.

AFP / Getty


On June 16, 2015, Trump announced that he would run for the presidency of the United States in the 2016 Republican elections.



His campaign was divisive, causing controversy wherever he went. He was finally declared a …read more

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