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Trey Turner III: Family is ‘forever united’

Trey Turner III: Family is ‘forever united’

Kaitlan Tseng/Senior Staff

There’s a mother in Mobile, Alabama who was once firmly against tattoos. But now she looks at her wrist, decorated with blue ink, with utmost pride and affection. When she peers down, she sees “Forever United” written in script above MCMXCVI — her son’s birth year, 1996. Below the numerals is a small dove, also in the same blue ink.

It’s not so much the intricate cursive lettering on her wrist that she admires, but rather the young man it represents — once her baby boy, who seems to possess those dove wings. Just before Trey Turner III flew 2,300 miles across the country to come to Cal in 2015, he walked into a tattoo parlor with his mother, Karen, for a set of matching mother-son tattoos.

Five years later, as Trey looks down at his left wrist, running his fingers along the numerals that make his mother’s birth year, it’s clear the Cal football safety is an embodiment of his parents, no matter how far away they might be.

Trey’s story begins in that same town where he and his mother got matching tattoos — Mobile, Alabama. Born Depriest Oscar Turner III and named after his father, Depriest Turner II, it wasn’t long before the III at the end of his name made him known as Trey.

Soon after, a five-year-old Trey was on his way to becoming a football star.

“Growing up, my parents were really big on making sure I stayed out of trouble, that I keep my head on straight and I feel like they did a really good job of that,” Trey said. “Where I’m from, it is kind of rough — there’s a lot of violence and stuff. At the end of the day, I was always trying to stay focused with school and football and my dad was really on me all the time with football.”

Karen found the best magnet schools in the area to further her children’s education, wanting academics to open doors for her kids, rather than close them. Meanwhile, Depriest focused on athletics with Trey.

With his father’s support and mandatory home practices, the five-year-old boy cradling his football transformed into the starting quarterback for his high school’s varsity team. Trey’s journey to joining Cal’s defensive program began with one particular play in the spring game of his junior year.

“I threw a bubble pass to my running back, he tried to dive in the end zone and he fumbled the ball, and I chased the guy fifty yards and had a pretty nice tackle on the sidelines,” Trey recalled. “After that, I started to get all kinds of defensive offers.”

One offer was from Duke University, where Trey was recruited to play defense, but had a potential shot at quarterback. He committed to the Blue Devils in June, before his senior season, but clearly didn’t go through with it. Duke was close to home, but Karen and Depriest realized they didn’t want to hold their …read more

Source:: The Daily Californian


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