This custom yacht comes with bulletproof windows and an interior swanky enough to warrant them — take a closer look

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Mazu Yachts 82

The Mazu 82 is the latest creation to come out of Mazu Yachts, a shipbuilder that puts out just 10 vessels each year. 
The elegant yacht stretches 80 feet and boasts bulletproof glass that’s nearly an inch thick. 
It has three bedrooms, multiple lounge areas, and an entirely custom interior. 

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Yacht designs, from the layperson’s perspective, often fit into the mold of “anything you might find along the shores of Monaco.” But this yacht? It’s more fit for a high-class spy movie.

Mazu Yachts recently unveiled its Mazu 82, a menacing 80-footer that could easily be a prop in the next Bond flick. It shuns the bright palette and curvy lines of most yachts, and instead embraces a dark-grey color scheme and lots of aggressive angles. 

Not to mention, it features bulletproof glass, ample outdoor seating, and a swanky, bespoke interior full of custom-built furniture. 

The Mazu 82 came to us by way of Robb Report, and you can take a closer look at it below.

Meet the Mazu 82, the latest creation from Turkish boatbuilder Mazu Yachts.

Sporting a sleek, mean look straight out of “Mission: Impossible,” the yacht looks like it could easily be concealing an illicit shipment of plutonium or several million dollars in cash.

Although it’s unlikely you’d find any death lasers on board, the 80-foot yacht does have at least one feature befitting of a supervillain.

Mazu Yachts says it outfitted the vessel — which was commissioned by an unnamed buyer — with bulletproof glass windows that are nearly an inch thick.

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Source: Robb Report

You certainly don’t need to be evading James Bond or Ethan Hunt for armored glass to be a smart buy.

Plenty of wealthy folks invest in bulletproofing on land, too — from their daily cars to their chauffeured SUVs.

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But the Mazu 82 has a lot going for it aside from bulletproofing — for instance, its swanky outdoor decks seem like a lovely place to relax in between heists and world-domination plots.

The rear deck boasts a small bar area with room for a DJ station …

… along with an outdoor dining setup.

Out back, guests can descend a few stairs and take a dip …

… or pop a squat on some built-in seating.

The front deck can serve as a more formal dining area …

… or as an open-air movie theater, even just for one.

The yacht’s custom-designed interior is just as classy as you’d expect, featuring a main living room …

… with a massive, nine-square-meter sunroof …

… and a cockpit.

Mazu custom built all the furniture from walnut and leather.

Downstairs, you’ll find a sunken sitting area …

… and a minimalist kitchen.

The master suite spans the full width of the yacht …

… and boasts a walk-in closet …

… along with a bathroom.

Mazu built in another full-sized guest bedroom …

… along with a smaller bedroom for children, extra guests, or henchmen.

Mazu Yachts only builds a scant 10 ships per year, and you can check its other offerings at its website, which is linked below.

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