The Verrazzano Bridge installs fences for suicide prevention

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The MTA has installed 100 feet of “safety fences” on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge – the post has been learned by the post office, the first of 28,000 feet that it intends to erect there to demand stronger measures to prevent suicide.

The stainless steel barriers rose in two 50-foot segments last week, one at each level of the range from Brooklyn to Staten Island, the agency said.

After an evaluation phase to assess how the fence will withstand elements, including strong winds, the MTA will submit 28,000-foot fencing offers and plans to place an order by the end of 2020.

“Security is a high priority at MTA Bridges and Tunnels, and installing a security fence on the Verrazzano will complement our current plan,” said Daniel DeCrescenzo, Acting President of the MTA Bridges and Tunnels Arms.

The agency states that it has also started filling the range with signs containing the NYC Well program crisis hotline phone numbers and training Bridges and Tunnels employees in identifying emotionally disturbed people and deal with them.

City councilors on both sides of the bridge and the aisle have asked for more to stop the troubled New Yorkers from jumping off.

This includes Justin Brannan (D-Brooklyn), who joined Steven Matteo’s (R-Staten Island) long-standing reputation in June for equipping the bridge with a suicide barrier in the style of San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge.

According to The Staten Island Advance, three people jumped to their deaths from the bridge this month alone.

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