The ‘silent’ tasks of the teachers, over 1600 hours per year. Undeclared work is worth at least 800 euros per month

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Last Friday the editorial staff of Orizzonte Scuola launched a survey with its readers on its Facebook page. The theme was to identify the hidden tasks of the teachers. Everything started from the untruthful assumption that the teacher works only 18 hours a week. In reality this is not the case.

Far be it from us to represent a fabulous vision of the story (being a teacher is a job like any other, from the biologist to the hairdresser), however, there are some clichés to dispel.

There are so many hidden tasks for a teacher: from the drafting of the programming on the subject for the beginning and end of the year, to the compilation of the registers passing through the correction of the written tests and the preparation of job interviews. Not only that: the holiday period, such as Christmas or Easter, is certainly not exempt from this type of activity.

Last year, the provincial government of South Tyrol commissioned a research which showed that teachers actually work about 1643 hours per year, about 36 hours a week for 45 weeks.

According to the study, permanent teachers work 1,660 hours in a year, while substitute teachers 1,580 hours. Those who mostly carry out undeclared work are high school teachers, with 1,677 hours per year in total. The profs of the average work 1,630 hours. Men work a little more (they have fewer housework commitments), 1,648 hours, women 1,639 hours in a year.

How much is the undeclared work of teachers worth? Considering that an hour should be paid 17.50 euros, the “silent” work for each teacher has a value of approximately 14 thousand euros per year. Approximate calculation that does not take into account various factors, starting from different school grades, but which provides an idea of ​​the phenomenon.

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