The best places to shop for kids’ clothes by age range

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Kids grow so quickly that buying them nice clothing often seems like an irrational way to spend money, but well-made kids’ clothing won’t wear out as quickly and can be handed down later.

When shopping, consider every factor, including the season, school dress codes, a likely growth spurt, and of course, a child’s own sense of style.
The best places for higher-end children’s clothes are Tea Collection, Gap, J.Crew, and Nordstrom.
The best places for affordable children’s clothes are Walmart, Target, Amazon, and JCPenney.

New parents will quickly discover that buying clothes for kids is a fraught affair: On one hand, you want them to look nice, but on the other, kids often outgrow their clothes within a single season, which means you’ll have to spend more money to buy new clothes, while the old ones pile up.

So, how do you strike a balance? My solution is to split the wardrobe into two categories, with the dividing factor being the price. My kids each have a number of high-quality garments suited for holidays, fancy meals out, and other special occasions, coupled with cheap, disposable clothing for art sessions, playdates at the park, or pasta dinners with red sauce. It’s no different than how most adults build their wardrobes, frankly.

Splitting between higher-end and budget-friendly retailers allows you to spend wisely, splurging on a few select items while filling in the wardrobe with lower-cost clothes. Of course, there’s a tradeoff: High-quality clothing lasts longer than cheaper threads and is unlikely to need replacement before it’s outgrown, and vice-versa for lower-quality garb. And, finer garments also make better hand-me-downs, too.

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With strategic shopping, your kids can look their best while keeping your budget in the comfort zone. Just plan ahead for the season, the events on the calendar, a school’s dress guidelines, your kid’s own sense of style, and, of course, any younger siblings or cousins who might extend the lifespan of nicer clothes.

Here are the best places to buy clothes for kids by age range:

Best baby clothes: Tea Collection
Best baby clothes on a budget: Walmart
Best toddler clothes: Gap
Best toddler clothes on a budget: Target
Best kids’ clothes: J.Crew
Best kids’ clothes on a budget: Amazon
Best tween clothes: Nordstrom
Best tween clothes on a budget: JCPenney

Prices and links are current as of 8/04/2020. 

The best baby clothes

Tea Collection baby clothes have gorgeous blends of colors and patterns on soft, quality fabric.

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