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A day that should not be forgotten

This was a day that Spurs at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium shouldn’t forget.

Tottenham is investigating the alleged racism incident and will hand out stadium bans to anyone responsible for it.

The technology will quickly track down anyone who racially abused Antonio Rüdiger. Cameras can access any space in the floor.

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If Spurs fans are discovered to be racially abusive of the Germans, they will never watch football again in the best stadium in the world.

There were also cups that looked like tea or coffee thrown from the south around Kepa Arrizabalaga at about the same time as the incident.

It was a day when a minority of Spurs fans will have abandoned everyone if evidence of the alleged racism is found.

It took a little over an hour for the club to pay tribute to its own world champion, Martin Peters, who died this week with thunderous applause and past Spurs players on the sidelines.

“I hate racism in society, I hate racism in football. I am disappointed that something like this can still happen, but the referee stopped the game. He spoke to the players, he spoke to the captains, he did talked to the coaches. ” “said Jose Mourinho after the game.

“I lost, I didn’t want the game to be stopped, but when I knew why it was stopped, I obviously understood and accepted it. The club is a very proud club in this situation, and the club will be also do internally. ” try to delete it. “

Spurs released a statement shortly thereafter, saying, “We are now conducting a thorough investigation that will include working with Chelsea and their players for their observations.

“Any form of racism is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our stadium.

“We take such allegations very seriously and will act with the utmost determination against those who do so, including bans on the stadium.”

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Rüdiger himself went to social media later that evening.

“It’s really sad to see racism at a soccer game again, but I think it’s very important to talk about it in public. If not, it will be forgotten in a few days (as usual),” he tweeted.

“I don’t want to involve Tottenham as a whole club in this situation because I know that only a few idiots were the culprits. I’ve also received a lot of supportive messages from Spurs fans on social media in the past few hours – thank you very much for that ,

“I really hope that the offenders will be found and punished soon. On a modern soccer field like Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with dozens of TV and security cameras, they need to be found and then punished.

“If not, there must have been witnesses in the stadium who saw and heard the incident. It’s just a shame that racism is still going on in 2019. When will this nonsense stop?”

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