The 57 best products and services we discovered in 2019

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At Insider Picks, every review we publish reflects our real experience with a great product, but each year there are always a few outstanding ones we think are worth highlighting again.

After testing countless products and services this year, we thought about the best of the best and came up with the following list of our 2019 favorites.

Because we’re a group of product reviewers with diverse needs and interests, you’ll find everything from beauty, home, kitchen, and clothing, to tech and entertainment recommendations. We’ve also included the original reviews if you’d like to read up on each product or service in more detail.

Learn more about the 57 best products we tried in 2019:

1. The ‘lite’ version of the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite, available at Best Buy, $199.99

The latest Switch console from Nintendo strips a ton of key features from the core concept of the device, like detachable controllers and TV play, but it focuses on the way I’ve played with Switch 90% of the time anyway: in my hands on the trains to and from work. As a husband and a father with a 90-minute commute both ways, this is about the only way I’m able to get my game time in these days — at least until my son is old enough to join my gaming escapades.

It helps that Switch has become the ultimate retro gaming console, which is excellent for my nostalgia-starved gaming tastes. —Joe Osborne, senior tech editor

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2. A beautiful smartwatch

Withings Steel HR, available at Withings, $179.95

I’ve tried just about every smartwatch and smart analog watch there is over the past few 5 or 6 years. Withings’ hybrid watches have always been among my favorites. I’ve been wearing the Steel HR all year long because it looks so much like a traditional watch, but it buzzes to alert me to notifications and it has a heart rate monitor to track …read more

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