Teslas look better without front plates but they must still have them

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Q. My wife was recently stopped by a police officer because she did not have a license plate on the front of her car. Of course, she told the police officer that she was not aware there was no plate there because her husband (me) takes care of the cars. The officer gave her a fix-it ticket, and we got that taken care of. Where I live a lot of people have Teslas, and not one of them has a license plate attached to the front. I even asked one of my neighbors about that, and he said that Tesla does not have a place for the plate in the front. Are Teslas exempt from having a license plate displayed in the front? And if not, why are so many allowed to be driven without the front license plate? Next time you are out driving, let me know if you see any Teslas with a license plate in the front.

– Barry Reid, Avila Beach

A. Several of the Tesla models sure are pretty, and their noses do look nice without a plate.

Honk has seen some with plates and some without.

Honk emailed Tesla folks twice to see what the company does about license plates, but didn’t get a response. He couldn’t find a phone number for a spokesman or -woman.

California law requires cars to sport rear and front license plates. In the past, some dealers would toss the front plate holders into the trunk so the new owner could choose what to do.

As of Jan. 1, 2019, a dealer isn’t allowed to hand over a car without two permanent or temporary plates – one attached to the rear, and the other to the front.

Once that new owner pulls onto a public roadway, the citation for not having both plates goes to him or her.

You only have to look out on the streets to see that not having a front plate isn’t cops’ No. 1 concern.

Plenty of truck and car owners ignore the law, and maybe they will never get pulled over.

Or maybe they will.

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