Ten Things You Need to Know Today: Thursday 12 Sep 2019

Johnson holds back secret Brexit messages

Boris Johnson is refusing to comply with MPs’ demand that he publish in full a series of key Brexit documents. Michael Gove, who is in charge of no-deal planning, said that publishing emails from senior government advisers relating to the suspension of Parliament risked breaking laws relating to human rights and data protection. The Goverment has released the previously leaked Operation Yellowhammer files, which predict food shortages and public disorder in the event of no-deal.

Labour demands Parliament recall following Scots court ruling

Labour has demanded that Parliament be recalled, after Scotland’s highest court ruled that Boris Johnson’s prorogation was unlawful. The Supreme Court in London will consider the legal judgment on Tuesday. The Scottish judges said that the prime minister’s shutdown was illegal because it was designed to stifle parliamentary debate and action on Brexit. Critics including Business Minister Kwasi Kwarteng have accused them of bias.

Obesity among primary school leavers to hit 40% by 2024, experts warn

Almost four in ten children leaving primary school in 2024 will be clinically obese or overweight, according to a new report from Public Health England. Experts predict that 38.1% of 11-year-olds will be an unhealthy weight in five years’ time, compared with 34.3% at present. Current data shows that children from poorer areas are more than twice as likely to be overweight as those from more affluent neighbourhoods.

British and Australian bloggers detained in Iran named

More details have emerged about two foreigners arrested by Iran and accused of spying. British-Australian woman Jolie King and her Australian partner Mark Firkin were detained ten weeks ago, but news of their arrests has only just emerged. Iranian media has claimed that the couple, who were blogging about their travels, were detained for flying a drone without a licence. Another British-Australian woman also being held in a Tehran prison has not been named.

BNP Paribas banker wins £4m sexism case
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