Substitute rankings, is a service performed without a title as non-specific for a ranking in which you have a title?

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Provincial and institute rankings for substitutes, a few hours after the closing of the platform for submitting the application, there are still some aspects not clarified by the ministerial indications and not addressed univocally by the unions.

Concerns about what is communicated by the unions and in particular by the FLC CGIL “In the absence of univocal indications, many aspirants are inserting all the titles they own, even those whose evaluation is very uncertain. All this will make the analysis of the questions cumbersome and complex “

The fact that the OM 60/2020 provides for the verification of the declarations entered by the applicants without the possibility of provisional lists with which to manage complaints is worrying. All in a very short time, by the end of August.

The school managers will then have the burden of checking the declarations, but in the meantime the substitutions will have to be attributed.

Service carried out without title

One of the still “hot” topics in chats and Facebook groups is that of the untitled service.

The clarification has already been given by the Ministry with the note of July 22

“The service provided over the years without an educational qualification it is valid for the purposes of evaluating the service if and only if the aforementioned access title is in the possession of the candidate at the time of submitting the application;

3) as an exception with respect to point 2, as regards the GPS of the second childhood and primary bracket, in accordance with table A / 2 and in order to graduate aspirants, the service provided on common place or support (obviously without the required qualification) by students in primary education sciences can be assessed for the relative ranking, as specific and non-specific depending on the grade, exclusively for the relative childhood and primary rankings “

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And therefore it is clear that if I did service in primary school with a degree in Law and, to date, I have no title to enter primary school, I cannot rely on that service.

The note reports “for the purpose of evaluating the service”, which can be understood – our readers write – both in a broad sense, as specific and non-specific but also only specific “I do not have the title for that class of competition, I cannot do it be worth as specific “.

But above all, we ask ourselves, if an aspirant should declare this service as non-specific, will the system in use at the School Offices be “calibrated” to identify if it is a evaluable service or not?

Perhaps two more words should be spent by the Ministry on this particular too.

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