Naeem Rashid: A Tribute to the Christchurch Attack Hero

Talha Rashid

Naeem Rashid’s valor, his bravery in the face of terror, his willingness to give his life trying to save the lives of his brothers and sisters at the Al Noor Mosque is what should be remembered. His name. Naeem Rashid.

Rashid, a Pakistani who immigrated to New Zealand, courageously tried to disarm the Australian-born alleged assassin, who live-streamed his deadly attack on the Christchurch mosque during Friday prayers. Tragically, the live stream video of the mass slaughter has been widely available on the internet and has been seen by millions. And it’s in that video, that Rashid can be seen trying to overpower the gunman.

Forty-nine people were murdered in the mass shooting by the avowed white supremacist and xenophobe.

But the name to remember is Naeem Rashid.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rashid’s Son ‘Talha Was Shot, People Around Him Lay Bleeding in the Mosque.’ Rashid ‘Rushed the Gunman, With no Weapon, Just His Bare Hands’

This is Naeem Rashid.

Even as his son Talha was shot and people around him lay bleeding in the mosque, he rushed the gunman, with no weapon, just his bare hands.

Both he and his son lost their lives.#NewZealandTerroristAttack#christchurch

— Muhammad Lila (@MuhammadLila) March 15, 2019

What is known is that “halfway through,” the shooting rampage, “as dozens around him lay dead, a single unarmed worshipper rushed the shooter, doing whatever he could to make him stop.”

“Even as his son Talha was shot and people around him lay bleeding in the mosque, he rushed the gunman, with no weapon, just his bare hands…”

Naeem was rushed to the hospital after being gunned down and would die there of his injuries.

Talha Rashid

And tragically, his son Talha too would lose his life in the slaughter in the mosque.

A Hero. A Martyr. A Selfless Soul. ‘Remember Him’

This is who we lift up! RIP to all the victims 😔

— Melissa J.C. Kelbus (@Snowhawk76) March 16, 2019

“He sacrificed himself …He is a hero. Know him.” And this too was the sentiment most shared about Rashid,

This Muslim man is Naeem Rashid from Abottabad, Pakistan. He sacrificed himself trying to disarm the terrorist at the Mosque in New Zealand. His son Talha was also killed in the attack.


Retweet 💔

— StanceGrounded (@_SJPeace_) March 15, 2019

The call is for people to not “publicize the villain,” rather to “…remember the heroes instead.”

A hero, martyr and selfless soul. He’s described as all of these. And as was often repeated, he did all he could to save lives.

The world should know his name. This is Naeem Rashid. He can be seen in the video charging at the terrorist as he tries to overpower him until he gets shot and goes down. He died as a Martyr today along with his son Talha in #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #NewZealandTerroristAttack

— Jan Pashteen (@janmuhammad345) March 16, 2019

“May he Rest In Peace, knowing …read more



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