My life has been chaos since quarantine started. Here are 5 habits helping me sleep better and stay calm and centered during the day.

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Like many people, my life in quarantine is chaos. Back in March, my daughter’s school closed, I moved back in with my ex-husband to safely co-parent, and my freelance work began to dry up. Like most everyone, my daily routine and creature comforts were completely gone, and I felt like a mess.

I’ve never been the Gywneth Paltrow, glowy, goddess-of-perfection-and-wellness type, but in the past, self-care meant getting to an exercise class in the morning or meeting up with friends for dinner. Without access to these, at the start of quarantine, I became a person who was always reaching for my phone, obsessively reading the latest news alerts and living in a constant state of fear. 

After completely losing my cool with my daughter one night, I knew that something had to give. I felt I’d lost myself, and it was taking a toll on those closest to me. I needed to find a way to feel grounded again. I thought of my former methods of self-care, considered my therapist’s (often ignored) suggestions, and did a little research. Then, I came up with a ritual to better start and end my day. 

I’ve started waking up earlier for alone time to prepare for the day. 

For someone coping with anxiety or depression, simply facing the day can be overwhelming, but studies show that maintaining a consistent daily routine can greatly benefit your mental health. I have certainly seen the results firsthand. 

I wake up around 6 a.m. to ensure that I’m up before my daughter has a chance to barge in with an array of nuanced questions about sea animals. Sure, sleeping in for a few extra hours can be rejuvenating, but if I wake up and am immediately thrown into the madness of the day, I feel perpetually behind. Instead, taking about 20 minutes total for myself has helped to increase my productivity, energy, and overall mood.

Before anyone needs my attention, I go to my dedicated space and get still. 

I’ve found it helpful to sit in the same spot in the corner of my bedroom each morning, light incense or a candle, and say a quick prayer or simply listen to my breath. I bought my floor cushion from a woman I met in Mexico, but there are similar cushions available online that can ship almost anywhere. For me, this isn’t a religious practice or a formal meditation. It is simply a way to get still, get quiet, and get centered.

I’ve also started pulling tarot cards each morning to help inspire reflection and direction. While this is likely not for everyone, I got inspired to do so after spending a weekend with my wonderfully witchy friend who walked me through how to do a simple tarot spread. HausWitch hosts virtual workshops online where you can learn all about it. 

Opening the curtains and letting natural light in is energizing and I immediately feel lighter when the fresh air hits my face. 

Writing in a journal helps me get out all …read more

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