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The second place in the championship is really as useless as it claims Antonio Conte? The Nerazzurri coach made the discussion about a placement “that doesn’t change my life” and that “has no meaning”.

In fact, some meaning, economic and technical, second place has it.

“The truth is that Conte is second to be of interest. And also to society. The second place brings money, influences the determination of the bands for the Champions League, and above all remains in the annals. Inter have not finished second in nine years. He always finished fourth in Spalletti’s two-year period. Repeating the same performance as the Certaldo coach, after the millions spent by Inter on the market, would certainly not be a success. But the former coach knows that second place is not taken for granted, so get your hands on “, Repubblica writes today.


“Then there will be the Europa League, and for Inter it will be appropriate to focus on that. But Conte, who is also preparing the competition with the usual enormous commitment, when asked about his future goals, already raises: “We have to go back to playing the championship.” As if to say: even if we didn’t have to win the cup, it wouldn’t be a drama. It is not what he thinks, but it is the message he wants to get through. It is his way of avoiding “putting his hands behind afterwards, because it hurts”.

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