Marcus Maye saves jets with an unreal game against Steelers

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It all depended on the safety of the jets to win the game.

No, not Star Jamal Adams, who usually provides the Jets with game-critical games. This time it was his partner in secondary school, Marcus Maye, who saved the day in the Jets’ 16:10 win over the Steelers on Sunday.

Devlin “Duck” Hodges dropped the Steelers to 16-10 in New York less than a minute behind. In third and seventh place he found James Washington one on one with Maye in the middle of the field. Washington hit Maye on the ball and got two hands on it, but Maye, who was already in the air, twisted his body and extended his left arm to break the pass in the end zone. The Steelers turned it down in the next game and the Jets got away with a win.

Marcus Maye interrupts a pass for Steelers recipient James Washington.AP

“It’s definitely one of my top pieces,” said Maye. “Only the situation of the game. We knew it would come to us in secondary school. We knew they had to take a shot to get in range. We were prepared for the moment. “

Maye and the Jets’ secondary troubled Hodges all afternoon before separating from the winners. At the beginning of the second quarter, 10: 0 behind, the Steelers Hodges had penetrated deep into the field of jets. Hodges gave Maye his first test of the day with a pass to Jaylen Samuels in the back of the end zone. Maye jumped higher and came down with the interception.

Hodges ended up with an 11v17 win for just 84 yards and two interceptions. Hodges was suspended for Mason Rudolph in the second quarter, but returned in the second half after Rudolph injured his shoulder.

“Marcus was phenomenal today,” said Jets trainer Adam Gase. “I can imagine two pieces that were big. One of them probably helped us win the game. “

Maye started all 15 games this year after injuries had limited him to just six games last year. While Adams rightly attracts a lot of attention and praise for the defense, Maye has quietly become the player the jets designed when he designed him in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft.

“Man, [Maye] is concentrated, brother. He has a ball, ”said Adams. “I told him today, not even a selection, the best piece he ever made that I saw of him was the last one he tore it out of. It’s a phenomenal game. Marcus Maye obviously gets it not a lot of appreciation, he’s very underestimated. People don’t give him his respect, but he works his butt every day. “

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