Letters: CU president pick is all wrong (4/13/19)

CU president pick is all wrong

Re: “Regent: Finalist reveal rushed,” April 12 story

First, I well recognize that Mark Kennedy has, for all intents and purposes, already been hired and the remainder of the process will occur primarily for show. Sad, if quite predictable.

Second, the board has, once again, minimized the central identity of the University of Colorado: academics. You have not chosen an individual who knows how institutions of higher education thrive. He has not committed a substantial, successful career to universities or academics.

You have (essentially) hired a novice leader who does not have even reasonable academic credentials and minimal experience. Politics (rated extreme right as a congressman) and business comprise his core background. Those topics comprise but a small slice of a comprehensive educational institution with high academic aspirations.

I consider this decision a huge step in the wrong direction. It comprises a major step down in the commitment to what should be the institution’s highest priority: academic excellence. He comes from an institution that does not even rank in the top 500 academic universities.

What is not emphasized in the resume reveals much. Count the number of times academics, scholarship, creative work, new knowledge, diversity, education, student success, faculty and student excellence appear compared to the number of times business, branding, marketing, etc. appear.

Would the board hire a counsel candidate who had not earned a law degree with many years of relevant experience?

Michael Grant, Longmont

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