Letter: Why buy an assault weapon if a handgun does the trick?

Why buy an assault weapon
if a handgun does the trick?

Re: “Letter: Think crazed killers can’t kill just as many with a handgun?” (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9):

Reader Gerald Kosel claims that “these crazed killers can kill just as many innocents with a handgun” as with an assault weapon.

If this is so, then why would anyone need or want an assault weapon when a handgun would do the trick? An assault weapon is heavier to carry, harder to store, clumsier to whip out when face to face with the bad guy in the dark alley or on the front porch.

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It’s excellent, however, for killing crowds of strangers at a distance or for bolstering a feeble self-image. Who needs it? Why?

Martha Toppin
Walnut Creek

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Source:: The Mercury News


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