Letter: Here’s the pattern to Trump’s actions on Ukraine and Syria

There’s a pattern to Trump’s
actions on Ukraine and Syria

We are a busy people with loved ones to look after, work to do and life to live. But it is also our duty as Americans to be involved and informed in our country’s policies and politics.

What is going on right now is a direct threat to our national security. We are a nation of laws and those laws are being completely disregarded and dismantled by the White House.

Trump asked for Russia’s help in the 2016 election and now is asking China, Ukraine and who knows who else to do it again.

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Asking foreign countries to investigate a rival is a crime against our Constitution and morally wrong. Pulling out of Syria aids Russia; weakening Ukraine aids Russia. There is a pattern here. Republicans, Democrats and independents, please do something to protect this great nation of ours from enemies, foreign and domestic.

Elizabeth Copp-Phelan
Pleasant Hill

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Source:: The Mercury News


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