Letter: Gun enthusiasts suggesting reforms is quite refreshing

Gun enthusiasts suggesting
reforms is quite refreshing

Re: “Please explain call for ban on assault rifles” (Letter to the editor, Aug. 8) and “Think crazed killers can’t kill just as many with a handgun?” (Letters to the editor, Aug. 9):

It was refreshing that two gun enthusiasts recently suggested reasonable reforms, albeit inadvertently.

One informed us that gun makers disguise assault rifles as hunting rifles by using less aggressive paint schemes, thus evading a ban.

Hunters using these guns could not be so selfish as to put their privilege of hunting with weapons of war over everyone else’s right to an expectation of public safety, right? Surely, they cannot think that active shooter drills are good for our children.

I was surprised by the second expert that a handgun could kill nine and injure 27 people in 32 seconds like in Dayton. He should alert the military of this amazing capability. Millions of tax dollars are being wasted on assault rifles.

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As for maximum capacity of a generally available gun, how about three rounds/second and 10-bullet magazines? Anything larger or faster should be reserved for law enforcement or the military.

Robert Patterson

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