Letter: GOP rewards those who skirt taxes but hates universal income

GOP hates universal income,
helps those who skirt taxes

Re: “Stockton tests ‘universal basic income’ idea” (Mercurynews.com, Sept. 3):

I agree with the idea of a universal income as being tried in Stockton.

With massive job losses due to artificial intelligence and mechanization, this is an idea whose time has come. Corporations have instituted the part-time gig economy causing less work too.

Conservatives hate the idea of people getting paid while not working, yet Republican socialism has twice rewarded people who avoid taxes by stashing profits overseas.

There is plenty of money for this if we stop wasting our taxes on the military. Why spend overseas to cause needless death and make enemies instead of helping out Americans at home?

Ask your Congress person why we spend millions in Yemen and Syria? You won’t get a logical answer.

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Spend American tax dollars at home to make a better society.

Randy Zaucha
Morgan Hill

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Source:: The Mercury News


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