Letter: Glad to hear Los Gatos Creek project is ‘all about the fish’

Glad to hear Los Gatos Creek
project is ‘all about the fish’

Last week, I came upon Santa Clara Valley Water District (Valley Water) construction crews and their heavy equipment busily working on a section of the Los Gatos Creek running through Campbell.

To my delight, I learned that they will be working there throughout the summer to “enhance spawning and rearing opportunities for adult steelhead trout and salmon.” They will be placing spawning-sized gravels and large woody debris to give the fish places to rest and evade predators.

As our planet faces the very real possibility of one million plant and animal species becoming extinct due to habitat loss and degradation, it was heartwarming to hear the site supervisor say to me, “It’s all about the fish.”

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I couldn’t help but think about the old adage, “think globally, act locally.” Thank you, Valley Water!

Steve Ode
San Jose

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Source:: The Mercury News


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