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Kellyanne & George Conway finally put their fight on Twitter!

The Conways have the most inexplicable marriage in Washington, perhaps right now in the entire world.

The whole day, George Conway tweets and writes op-eds about how Donald Trump is a dangerous criminal with a narcissistic personality disorder. And Kellyanne Conway defends the POTUS tooth and nail (and turn and lie) on TV every chance it gets.

We really do not know how this dynamic works. Like, how did they not kill each other behind closed doors? Especially after Trump badmouthed him in public, tweeting in March:

“I hardly know him, but just look, a stone-cold LOSER & husband from hell!”

We mean, could YOU continue to work where your boss did? Or stay with a partner who could not stand it?

Of course we are not alone in our morbid curiosity, but if you ask for it, Kellyanne will close you as if you just raised all the loved ones she lost in the Bowling Green massacre.

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To this end, they have kept every direct interaction completely invisible – until now.

Kellyanne retweeted a video on Monday Joe Biden in particular 2019 Joe Biden-y. De Veep had another Veep moment in which he spoke about his lifeguard days and said:

“I have hairy legs that turn blond in the sun and the children came up and reached into the pool and rubbed my leg down so that it was straight and watch the hair rise again. So I learned about cockroaches, I learned about children jumping on my lap. “

Eh … huh ??

It’s weird, but to be honest, the footage of the semi-blunder is much less interesting than what happened next. The president’s counselor tweeted:


Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe.

Do we need the help of Ukraine to defeat THIS guy? “

And this time George actually hit back and wrote:

“Your boss apparently thought so.”


They clearly refer to the allegations that Trump has asked for bribery from the Ukrainian government, stopping the military assistant who had already been promised them in exchange for announcing investigations into the former vice-president and his son, Hunter Biden, who had worked there for a sketchy company.

And by accusations we mean the thing that Trump apparently does in the WHITE HOUSE transcript.

To be honest, everything else in the hearings has been witnessed so far after the witness confirmed the call was exactly what it looked like. With a few wasted new details.

About what it looks like … Is Kellyanne what she seems?

Do you think their relationship is on the level? Or is she the leaker that Trump always worries about from the White House? If that is the case, she seriously does double work. Because we fully buy the amoral mercenary.

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