‘Kaagaz Nahi Dikhayenge’: Varun Grover writes a sincere poem against the NRC and police repression against protesters

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Since Thursday, India has seen protests across the country opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and NRC.

Protests across the country took many forms, even when police permits were canceled, and Section 144, which prevents illegal assembly, was imposed in various parts of the country.

Despite the restrictions, hundreds of students, activists and celebrities waving flags have taken to the streets, as well as to social networks, to express their dissent against the contentious law.

One of them is the lyricist and comedian awarded the Varun Grover National Prize, who on Saturday shared a poem that summarizes the political discourse in the country as seen in recent days.

Entitled “हम काग़ज़ नहीं दिखाएँगे। (The NRC documents, we will not show it)”, Grover insisted that he was inspired by the eminent poet Rahat Indori and the slogans of Bangladesh while he elaborated the poem. He also claimed that the poem was open to adaptation and use where necessary.

Here are some excerpts from the now viral Grover tweet:

The dictators will come and go

The NRC documents, we will not show it.

We blind you with tear gas

You poison our waters

That our love will sweeten

And we will drink it all at once

“हम काग़ज़ नहीं दिखाएँगे।” Inspired by the spirit of all protesters and lovers of India. With advice for Rahat Indori saab and the slogans of Bangladesh. (There are no copyrights on these words, feel free to use them, adapt them, sing them, modify them, create them) pic.twitter.com/bJZULAAvR8

– वरुण (@varungrover) December 21, 2019

The lyricist also shared the lyrics of the poem he recited while venting his dissent amid protests throughout the anti-CAA and NRC country.

If someone searches for text and translation. pic.twitter.com/59Az6zHpnI

– वरुण (@varungrover) December 22, 2019

Nicknamed the Anti-NRC anthem by Twitterati, Grover’s poem was widely shared across the platform, including Congressman Shashi Tharoor and Sitaram Yechury, among others.

I don’t know who this brilliant poet is, but “hum kagaz nahin dikhayenge” is meant to be one of the most powerful hymns of the #CAA_NRC_Protests! pic.twitter.com/vK0TEnR2IM

– Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) December 21, 2019

Thank you @varungrover, for giving India this brilliant anthem to resist this anti-popular government and its draconian movements in CAA and NRC. https://t.co/5PMaKrgTvX

– Sitaram Yechury (@SitaramYechury) December 21, 2019

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