INTRODUCING: The 10 people transforming the way the technology industry does business

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Business Insider named 10 enterprise technology executives to our list of the 100 people transforming business.
These executives are changing the way that companies work with their customers, the way that programmers work together, and the way that money moves all over the world.
See the full list of the 100 people transforming business here.

Technology is changing the world.

That rapid change has created tremendous demand for tools that can help the world keep pace with the rapid rate of change: People want tools that help them work together, that help them build better and more reliable software, and that help ease the complicated process of doing business on the internet.

We’ve identified ten of the top executives who are providing the technology that forms the foundation for so much innovation. Read on to find the 10 executives transforming enterprise technology.

Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block knows what your customers are thinking

Last summer, Salesforce promoted chief operating officer Keith Block to co-CEO, putting him on an even keel with Marc Benioff, the company’s legendary founder.

Now Block’s focused on capitalizing on what he calls a “perfect storm of amazing technology disrupting business models and markets,” as artificial intelligence gives companies the ability to achieve what he calls the holy grail of sales software, the chance to know everything about their customers and what they value, no matter how they interact with them.

“Everything for us begins and ends with the customer behind every device, whether it’s a phone or an IT device or a robot,” Block says.

“There’s a customer back there, and you have to have a portfolio that allows you to think about, how do you capture that information? How do you distill that data? How do you make actions through artificial intelligence around better engaging with that customer,” he adds.

Block says that he wants Salesforce to be known as a partner to its customers, as they try to figure out how to capitalize on the rising tide of AI and other emerging technologies.

“We enjoy an incredible relationship with our customers. I think in many ways we’re the envy of the industry in terms of the senior level relationships that we have.”

Stripe CEO Patrick Collison and Stripe president John Collison are opening the world for online business

Stripe famously began with seven lines of code, developed by brothers Patrick and John Collison — a simple tool to let developers accept credit-card payments in their apps.

That simple idea has exploded into one of Silicon Valley’s highest-flying startups, with Patrick as CEO and John as president. In the years since inception, Stripe has expanded its business to include services like fraud detection, debit-card issuing, and point-of-sale software.

“We have the mission of increasing the GDP of the internet, and fortunately we are not running out of things to do there,” John Collison told Business Insider.

The goal, Collison says, is to reduce the many points of frustration that can make it difficult to do business online. That has included programs like Stripe Atlas, which helps young …read more

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