INTRODUCING: The 10 people transforming how the world interacts with technology

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Business Insider named 10 figures in the consumer tech industry to its list of 100 people transforming business.
We looked for individuals redefining the gadgets, services and companies that have become central to our lives and to society.
See the full list of the 100 people transforming business here.

The tech world thrives on transformation. It’s the driving force that gave us the smartphone, virtual reality, and “Fortnite.”

But the quest to innovate is no longer just about creating gadgets that are faster and smaller. With society facing challenges from climate change to equality, and with the boundaries between disparate industries crumbling, today’s generation of tech leaders are taking a much broader view of how to make their mark.

We identified 10 visionaries who are re-inventing the way tech produces are created and how tech businesses operate. Read on to see the full list of 10 people transforming our relationship with technology.

Profiles compiled by Nick Bastone, Lisa Eadicicco, Ben Gilbert, Paige Leskin, Becky Peterson, Rob Price, Dave Smith, Antonio Villas-Boas, and Troy Wolverton.

Jeff Dean, a senior fellow for artificial intelligence at Google, is making the AI of science fiction a reality

Google is synonymous with search. But the company’s CEO has made it clear that the future is artificial intelligence.

Leading the charge is Jeff Dean, a 20-year Google veteran credited with being the brains behind some of Google’s most significant back-end technology, including MapReduce, Google Search’s most important performance upgrade, and BigTable Spanner, Google’s internal database.

One of only two senior fellows at Google, Dean is such a celebrity within the company that he has Chuck Norris-like memes written about him.

Today, as the head of AI at Google, Dean’s focus centers on speech recognition, computer vision, language understanding, robotics, and healthcare. In February, Dean said healthcare excites him most as it relates to the opportunity for AI.

Already AI is being incorporated into popular Google consumer products — like the smart-compose option in Gmail and the voice-enabled Assistant that’s spreading across Google’s family of hardware products.

But the reality is that the applications for AI and machine learning are limitless, so Dean’s legacy at Google may just be getting started.

Katie Dill, VP of design at Lyft, is shaping the experience consumers have with gig-economy apps

Katie Dill has a knack for grasping how things work and imagining how they should actually work. That’s an important skill for someone shaping the experience that consumers have every day with vital services like ride hailing and apartment sharing.

Dill’s influence can be seen across the sharing economy. She was Airbnb’s director of experience design for four years and is now at Lyft, where she is VP of design.

“It’s one thing to look at your design on your computer screen and say it’s great, but it’s another when it’s somebody standing in the rain on the street corner at night trying to use your app,” Dill told Business Insider.

“There are so many people that use our product that I can’t and should not assume what …read more

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