Heidi Janků (57) three years after her husband’s death: She is looking for a new guy!

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So far, he only shares the bedroom in his villa just outside Prague with the schnauzer Eda. She didn’t mind yet. During Covid-19, when she spent most of her time at home, she stopped enjoying it. “I am open to the new man, after all it has been three years since Ivoš’s death,” she told the daily Aha! Heidi.

35 years together
But she still doesn’t feel like living with anyone under the same roof. “I don’t know if I would like to let him right into the house …” the singer said truthfully. What leads her to this? “I lived with Ivoš for a long time and it was not time for me to move in there. And maybe it will never happen … ‘sighed Heidi, who s Pavlík she lived a long and beautiful 35 years.

It has been painted
During the coronavirus break, when, like most colleagues, she could not perform, the singer also rushed to clean the entire house. “I painted, re-arranged the cabinets several times and made bracelets in my free time, maybe I will sell them. Or give to a new album, “she added with a laugh.

Widowed Heidi Janků: I will never sell the house after my husband!

Money is running out
Cuts in concerts have drawn Heidi’s line over budget. “We have a few performances until the end of September. We have also contracted Christmas markets, but no one knows how it will be, “said Aha !. “I can handle it financially so far. I have something sour, but not that I could stay out of work until the end of the year … But I’m not collapsing yet, “Janků added, adding that at least she doesn’t have to spend for clothes, because at home she can do with sweatpants and two T-shirts. But he probably won’t enchant the new man much …

Heidi Janků: New man? There is no material …


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