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“The Hormiguero” it is one of the most watched television shows. However, that does not mean that it is without controversy. Almost all of them come from the hand of their presenter, Pablo Motos. Famous for his unfortunate comments, on many occasions, the guests, far from bringing him peace of mind, have made things difficult for him.

The space is known for its interview format, but also for its sections of tricks, chemistry, dance, amazing challenges … Despite all the effort that Motos puts into each one of them, not all of them are always at ease. Here we have been able to see and learn more about national and international artists. Writers, actors, singers and even politicians. Anything goes to increase audience ratings.

However, celebrities also give headaches. Discover “El Hormiguero”: the guests that Pablo Motos does not want to see again.

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart, a complicated interview

International stars are also complicated and Pablo Motos may not want to see artists such as Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart in “El Hormiguero” again. Above all, because of what happened on your first and last visit. Stewart is afraid of cameras and on the show she always presented herself as a shy girl, staring at the ground, and responding curtly to each and every one of the host’s questions.

For her part, Charlize Theron was very talkative and complying with the rundown as planned. The bad thing happened after leaving the set. All this happened in the year 2012, but Motos surely has not been able to forget it yet. Charlize acted fun and natural but, when she returned home, she quickly charged against the program stating I didn’t understand its mechanics or its mix of themes.

Another of the times that he was going to participate in the program, he was once again at the center of the controversy. The actress decided to return home and leave Spain without going through the Motos space, claiming that she had to deal with “an irreplaceable issue.” Of course, on social media this was interpreted like a full-fledged seedling to the presenter. You sure do not want to receive it again.

Mercedes Milá and Pablo Motos and their differences in “El Hormiguero”

Another controversial guest, this time national, from “El Hormiguero” whom Pablo Motos may not want to see again on the program is Mercedes Milá. The presenter also went to the set of the ants to present your program on books. The interview began recriminating, precisely, that Motos had not deigned to see it, since it had already begun to air.

In addition, somewhat annoyed, she told him that: “Do not do the interview about this, because you have no fucking idea“. There was no kind of joke in his words, and even less knowing how the former host of “Big Brother” spends them. Later, the presenter confessed that Milá had come to call him “pig”.

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