Five of the strangest quotes from Donald Trump’s Republican convention

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Donald Trump delivers his closing-night speech at the Republican convention


Donald Trump delivers his closing-night speech at the Republican convention


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Donald Trump delivers his closing-night speech at the Republican convention

The US president launched his reelection campaign with a surreal and occasionally jarring display

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Holden Frith

Friday, August 28, 2020 – 1:47pm

After Covid-19 forced Donald Trump to abandon his plans for a business-as-usual convention, the Republican party’s campaign launch blended video clips with live speeches in empty halls.

And the message was similarly disjointed.

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“Speakers see-sawed between the upbeat mood Trump and his campaign said would dominate and a dystopian forecast of America with former vice president Joe Biden in the White House,” Politico reports. “There were frequent mentions of radical leftists, ‘the mob’ and the civil unrest in America’s cities this summer.”

There was, however, barely a reference to the virus itself – an omission which loomed over some of the week’s stranger moments.

“If we let them, they will turn our country into a socialist utopia.”

Senator Tim Scott made a bold, if perhaps inadvertent prediction during his speech: that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would not only try to make socialism work, but that they would succeed.

Naturally he followed up by noting that “history has taught us that path only leads to pain and misery”. But even so, suggesting that Americans are one vote away from founding the world’s first utopian state seemed like a significant concession.

Video of President Donald Trump Full Acceptance Speech at 2020 Republican National Convention

“It will be fine.”

Donald Trump offered his own vision of Utopia: a country free from Covid-19. Or perhaps, more accurately, a country free from lockdowns, regardless of what the coronavirus was doing.

“You have a governor who’s in a total shutdown mood,” he told residents of North Carolina, which hosted the convention. “I guarantee you, on 4 November it will all open up. It will be fine.”

This utopia too may come with misery and pain. “In the real world,” says …read more

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