Fame: Dark desire: why many fans criticized Maria Fern’s work

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“Dark desire” continues giving what to speak for the scenes loaded with eroticism, as well as the police atmosphere that surrounds the plot. Although it was widely accepted after it was released, many people did not completely like the work done by Maria Fernanda Yepes, who plays Brenda.

Although the Colombian actress is widely recognized internationally for the roles she played in various productions, there are those who they questioned his way of speaking in the police drama de Netflix.

And it is that for many, the fact that he has put aside his Colombian accent to adapt to the Mexican flair, did not convince them. This was made known in the publication that she herself made on her Instagram account promoting the series.

Brenda Castillo is Alma’s friend, but her death opens many wounds (Photo: Netflix)

“Enjoy the plot and its dark characters. There I leave you to Mrs. Brenda and its tragic history. They will tell me what they think. I hope you like it”, wrote the actress.

However, the comments were immediate, several of them emphasizing that his accent had something strange and it was not at all like the way of speaking of Mexicans.

“Very slow the first chapter. There is a mix of accent between Colombian and Mexican very marked, I will try to see more, to see how far I can endure or if the dynamic increases “, was one of the questions.

“Right, the Mexican accent has not yet mastered”, comments another of the followers of Maria Fernando Yepes, who had the challenge of imposing her voice.

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“I wish I didn’t have to speak Mexican. With how beautiful we Colombians have an accent, nothing to envy ”, pointed out one of his compatriots.


In “Dark Desire”, Brenda is one of the main characters in the story. She is close friends with Alma, a law professor who is going to visit her to clear her mind due to problems in her marriage.

This free-spirited and recently divorced woman convinces her intimate to go out to a nightclub, place where they meet Darío. Because she feels a certain chemistry between the two, Brenda proposes to Alma to have sex with the boy, many years younger than her.

Although it shows to be unconditional of the protagonist, the character of Maria Fernanda Yepes had a past …read more

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