Emmerdale Spoilers: Graham destroys the Tate family when Millie’s father revealed

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Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) has gone crazy in Emmerdale to discover if Millie Tate is his daughter or not, and the result of that puzzle was finally revealed during tonight’s episode, and Kim, Jamie and Andrea Tate (Claire King, The family of Alexander Lincoln and Anna Nightingale) was destroyed as a result.

After months of wondering if Millie was his daughter, Graham finally got the answer, but apparently he wasn’t the one he expected, since it came to light that the girl is, in fact, Jamie’s.

When Christmas morning arrived, Millie unwrapped her presents, but ran into one of Graham’s, to Kim’s dismay. Without losing a single second, the matriarch Tate prepared to return the gift, and showed little respect while doing so, while shooting through the town of Graham.

Graham received the results of the DNA test last night (Image: ITV)

It was here that Graham showed Kim the DNA results, and she was delighted to know that Millie is her biological granddaughter. However, unable to leave things alone, Kim played with Graham, which irritated him even more.

Kim conveyed her discovery to an Andrea full of joy, and the Tate clan gave a sigh of relief as they prepared to celebrate their first family Christmas and, after this news, they certainly had a lot to celebrate.

However, they had not yet left the forest, as a storm was coming, since Graham thought about what to do for the better. After looking at Rhona, Paddy (Dominic Brunt) and Leo, who shared a lovely family moment, were filled with jealousy and therefore set up a course for Home Farm.

The Tates were not very happy to see Graham (Photo: ITV)

When Marlon (Mark Charnock) served the Christmas dinner of the Tate clan, the door swung open and Graham entered, evidently revenge in his mind.

Concerned Andrea begged Graham to keep the shtum, but it was useless, as he revealed his one-night relationship to a devastated Jamie.

Fuming, Kim lost little time to recover and, therefore, in front of Marlon, revealed that she had created the job opportunity for Rhona (Zoe Henry), which led the chef to realize that, as did Charity ( Emma Atkins) had said in the previous episode: Graham was going to take Leo away.

While the supposedly festive night continued, devastation reigned throughout the town, while Jamie was furious, unable to look at his wife and mother for hiding such a big secret from him, while an angry Marlon imposed Rhona’s law, telling her that she didn’t He is taking Leo.

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When the episode came to an end, a furious Marlon warned Graham against interfering with his life, before revealing that he will leave it on the ground if he is not left alone enough.

With Graham ready to be killed in a whodunit story next month, it seems that Marlon has as much reason as any of the other suspects to kill Kim’s former partner.

Graham has bothered many people during the holiday season, so he certainly has no shortage of enemies now.

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