Ehd E Wafa, episode 14: The love story of Saad and Dua hits a roadblock

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Often in Pakistani dramas, viewers are treated with one-dimensional love stories. The boy meets the girl, the girl meets the boy, the two fall in love and then their families tear them apart due to unreasonable demands. What sets Ehd E Wafa apart from other programs is that if the family drama remains present, the approach of young people is refreshing and realistic. The characters understand their family and how to handle the situation. In episode 14 of Ehd E Wafa, a large part of the episode deals with the love story of Saad and Dua.

Shahzain and Shehryar’s trail

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While Shariq (Wahaj Ali) is absent from this episode, Shahzain (Osman Khalid Butt) and Shehryar (Ahmed Ali Akbar) are briefly presented. Shahzain and Rani (Zara Noor Abbas) are seen having a telephone conversation, discussing their engagement and their wedding date. It’s a sweet scene, because it shows that even if Shahzain has a rough and aggressive side, Rani knows how to manage herself and she can be exactly what Shahzain needs. Their personalities seem to complement each other and while Shahzain is hurt by the loss of his friends, Rani is there to intervene and support him. Osman Khalid Butt and Zara Noor Abbas share such sweet chemistry, we can’t wait to really see them side by side.

Shehryar is seen returning from the disaster that was the engagement of Shahzain and Masooma (Momina Iqbal) is there awaiting his arrival. When she wonders why he came back early, Shehryar tells her to stop asking so many questions, while she tells him to stop telling her what to do. The two quarrel and it is clear that Masooma is struck by Shehryar and it is only a matter of time before Shehryar softens in his presence. They are a couple who seemed strange at first, but Momina and Ahmed play well and their love story is sweet.

Saad and Dua’s Track

Alizeh Shah as Dua in Ehd e Wafa

Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) and Dua (Alizeh Shah) continue to meet, their relationship having now reached a level where they have started to talk about marriage and their future. Saad tells Dua that his mother knows them, but he hasn’t discussed the subject with his father yet. While chatting in the park, Raheel, Dua’s cousin, unexpectedly introduces himself in order to “surprise” her by going into town. With the story of Raheel and Saad, Raheel immediately ignites and orders Dua to leave with him. Once at home, Dua’s family is furious, especially with Raheel’s instigation and comments on Saad’s “low character”. This is where Dua wins the hearts of the public. Dua not only tells her mother that she thought she would marry Raheel just because they get along, but she also walks confidently downstairs and, in front of Raheel, her parents and father say she doesn’t not marry Raheel. She also clears up any misunderstandings about Saad’s “low character,” making sure everyone realizes that Raheel was at fault in the fight. In a sincere …read more

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