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Droompop opens about getting continuous injections and claims that her ex was physical abuse

Over the last few years, more celebrities have been opening their plastic surgery procedures than ever before – and are also discussing the drawback of surgical improvements. Rapper Dream Doll recently revealed her intense health problems as a result of getting continuous injections, and called it the & # 39; worst experience of her life & # 39;

Popular YouTuber BLoves Life recently posted a seafood cooking video with Dream Doll and let her tell you about some of the most personal problems in her life – her plastic surgery and her former relationship with fellow rapper YBN Almighty Jay, with whom she’s doing things ended back in August.

First, however, she discussed her continuous injections and how the decision to get them was one of her biggest mistakes that led to near death:

“I got sick. It started to shed my skin. It was the worst experience in my life. I was in pain. It was red, it was hot, it was hard. I was sick.”

She admitted that getting the fat transfer and the operation of her buttocks caused her body a bad reaction. Fortunately, she was rescued by the doctor she was visiting in Columbia instead of checking in at the local Colombian hospital for fear that the staff there would & # 39; cut & cut her body.

Dream Doll then continued with her previous relationship with YBN Almighty Jay and why the things between the two ended up forever:

“I just earn better and know what I am worth. I know how to be treated. I know men aren’t supposed to lay their hands on women and … that’s exactly that. I try to concentrate on my music, and that is actually what I have done. I feel that when you are in a relationship, especially as an artist, you sometimes have some kind of zones and sometimes forget. You and your boyfriend are going to do your studio sessions, and then you start arguing with your manager. I lost my focus. “

Well, we want to congratulate Dream Doll on her decision to be honest about her plastic surgery and to support our abandonment of an abuse relationship.

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