Dear Abby: Everyone thinks we should be a couple, but he won’t make a move

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DEAR ABBY: I have been in love with my best friend for two years.

Jeanne Phillips 

We met at a summer camp where we were both working, and we hated each other in the beginning. During the process of working together, we somehow became best friends, and I fell desperately in love with him.

We talk on the phone for hours and text each other daily. He knows everything about me to the point that I swear he knows me better than I know myself.

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We hang out in groups mostly. We rarely spend time alone. When we are together, our chemistry is undeniable. We constantly laugh, touch, tease, etc. Everyone around us sees our connection, and they’re confused when we say we’re not dating.

I kind of expressed my feelings to him about a year ago, but he said he wasn’t ready to date anyone.

Since then, we have grown closer, and our relationship is more unclear. His actions lead me to believe that he feels the way I do and regards me as more than a friend, but he won’t make a move or tell me his feelings.

The hard part about this is, I’m moving in five months. Our time together is coming to an end, but I haven’t told him how I feel because I don’t want his affection or our frequent communication to stop.

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Do I tell him my feelings again and risk being rejected? Or should I just tell him I am moving and see if he admits his true feelings for me?


DEAR DEEP: Obviously, this person cares for you to some degree. Tell him how you feel face-to-face while you still can. That you care so much for him is a compliment.

However, if he still doesn’t feel as strongly for you as you hope, once you move, I hope you will regard it as an opportunity to meet new people and form new relationships until you find a special someone who reciprocates your feelings. Trust me, he is out there.

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