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David Schladetzky: 5 quick facts to know


David Schladetzky.

David Schladetzky was a Minnesota man who shot dead his ex-wife and two sons before shooting himself in a home in Minneapolis on December 1, police said. Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky, 39, and his two sons, William, 11, and Nelson, 8, were killed in the tragic triple murder-suicide, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The suspect, identified in the public records as being Dave Schladetzky, 53, is barricaded inside the house after shooting at family members and was found dead at home after several hours, the Minneapolis Police Department said in a statement. The police used a squad robot to determine if there was any threat inside the house before entering and finding Schladetzky dead, police said .

David Schladetzky filed for divorce in 2018 and proceedings were finalized during the summer of 2019, according to Minnesota state court records. Kjersten posted a picture with his two sons and another family member on his Facebook page Saturday night, hours before their murder.

Kjersten Ellingson Schladetzky published this photo with his sons just hours before they were killed by his ex-husband.

The two young boys were shot by their father while they were playing in the snow, reports Twin Cities Pioneer Press.

Neighbor Erik Wiltscheck told Star Tribune that he had helped Kjersten Schladetzky clear his driveway on Sunday morning, just hours before her son was shot by her ex-husband and her. He said that he was walking home when the shooting occurred. He said he saw boys running with coats and backpacks.

“I thought it was a match … Suddenly, the gunshots started to ring,” he told the newspaper. Wiltscheck told the Star Tribune that boys were “full of life” and “just dynamic kids”. From their mother, he said that she was a good mother and that she “was the number one” for her boys. “If I had the chance, I would have exchanged my life for these kids. I just can not understand that, “Wiltscheck told the newspaper.

“Everything indicates that the children were out playing in the snow when the suspect stopped and shot at them at once,” police spokesman John Elder told reporters. “It is not possible for anyone to find a good explanation for this. It’s horrible. It’s a tragedy. “

Here’s what you need to know about Dave Schladetzky and murder-suicide:

1. David Schladetzky sent a family member a photo of himself with a half-staff flag and the words “I loved every minute with you guys”

The house in question (blue, two story) is sandwiched between a brick apartment building and a semblance of being a duplex or possibly another building. The cops have taken positions around the house and a negotiator is also somewhere on the scene.

– Libor Jany (@StribJany) December 1, 2019

The Minneapolis police responded to the house located in 2700 block of Oakland Avenue around 10 am on Sunday, Dec. 1, after receiving a call to 911. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, shots were fired fired in front of the house before the arrival of the police. According to …read more

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