Coronavirus: Miami-Dade passes 100,000 cases of COVID-19 as state reports 124 new deaths

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A look at the percentage of COVID-19 tests that have come back positive in Florida over recent days.

Florida reported after another 12,199 cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, along with 124 residents’ deaths.

The state is now up to 414,511 cases and 5,777 resident deaths associated with the novel coronavirus since the start of the outbreak. At least 117 more nonresidents have died in Florida.

The new deaths reported Saturday include 34 in Broward County, nine in Miami-Dade and eight in Palm Beach County.

Florida has announced more than 120 deaths each of the past five days.

And Monroe County set a one-day record with 84 new cases announced Friday.

South Florida leaders are trying various measures to slow the spread while avoiding another full shutdown of businesses, but some have said that stay-at-home orders could be brought back if people don’t comply with the existing safety rules.

The newest measures include stiffer penalties for not wearing masks in Miami-Dade County and some of its largest cities, and more aggressive code enforcement in Broward County.


In the past day, Miami-Dade County’s confirmed COVID-19 cases increased by 3,434 to 101,854. The county has 1,379 coronavirus-related deaths, the highest total in the state.

Broward’s cases increased by 1,611 to 48,187. The county’s death toll is now at 580.

Palm Beach County’s cases increased by 703 to 29,707, with the death toll now at 752.

Monroe County is now listed with 1,114 cases, a one-day increase of 32, and six deaths.

Florida has confirmed at least 23,730 coronavirus-related hospitalizations since the start of the outbreak.

Tracking the records

Florida’s most cases announced in a day: 15,300 on July 12

Florida’s most deaths announced in a day: 173 on July 23

Miami-Dade’s most cases announced in a day: 3,576 on July 12

Broward’s most cases announced in a day: 1,772 on July 12

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Palm Beach’s most cases announced in a day: 1,171 on July 12

Monroe’s most cases announced in a day: 84 on July 24.

Positivity rates

Florida has seen a notable increase in the rate of COVID-19 tests that are coming back positive, showing that the rise in cases is caused by more than just increased testing.

Statewide, Florida reports having completed over 3.3 million tests for COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, with 12.41% coming back positive. The state says its target is to stay below 10% positivity.

The rate of positivity among people tested for COVID-19 across Florida topped out at over 18% for tests processed July 8. Positivity statewide has remained between 10% and 13% throughout the past week. (This percentage is the number of people who test positive for the first time divided by all the people tested that day, excluding people who have previously tested positive.)

A look at the percentage of COVID-19 tests that have come back positive in Florida over recent days.

Here’s a look at how those percentages have trended in Miami-Dade and Broward counties:


6/13 – 3.0%
6/14 – 8.9%
6/15 – 9.0%
6/16 – 12.8%
6/17 – 11.2%
6/18 – 11.1%
6/19 – 11.7%
6/20 – 13.3%
6/21 – 8.9%
6/22 – 18.1%
6/23 – 19.6%
6/24 – 10.2%
6/25 – 14.2%
6/26 – 14.0%
6/27 – 17.7%
6/28 – 18.5%
6/29 – 17.7%
6/30 – 18.2%
7/1 – 19.5%
7/2 – 20.9%
7/3 – 18.9%
7/4 – 20.5%
7/5 – 19.9%
7/6 – …read more

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