Contact7 hosting Back to School hotline on Thursday morning

DENVER – On Thursday morning, Contact7 will be hosting a Back to School hotline in which we will answer any questions you have about school this year.From bus issues, to crowded classroom and lunch-money ordeals – you can call or email in to Contact7 and we’ll do our best to take your tips, answer your questions and connect you with the right people in your district.The hotline will open at 6 a.m. and run through 9 a.m. Call 303-777-7492 or email [email protected] more back to school resources, scroll down.2019-2020 District InformationADAMS 12 FIVE STAR SCHOOLS (Aug 14- k-9 & Aug 15 10-12) & SECURITY- PROCEDURES- DEPT DIRECTORY- 720-972-4000TRANSPORTATION- 720-972-4300NUTRITION- 720-972-4123ADAMS 14 (Aug 9- K,6,9 and Aug 12 all other grades start) & SECURITY- ACCOUNTABILITY- 303-853-3333TRANSPORTATION- 303-853-7909AURORA (Adams-Arapahoe 28J)- (Aug 6 start) STOP/TRANSPORTATION INFO- & SECURITY- PROCEDURES- TRANSLATION SERVICES- DIRECTORY- BY SCHOOL #s- 303-344-8060TRANSPORTATION- 303-326-1986NUTRITION- 303-343-0295BENNETT 29J- (Aug 12- 7th-12th, Aug 14-K-6th) CONTACTS:MAIN- 303-644-3234NUTRITION- 303-644-3234 x-1213BRIGHTON 27J- (Aug 13 start date) STOP/TRANSPORTATION INFO- & SECURITY – NEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS- DIRECTORY- 303-655-2900TRANSPORTATION- 303-655-2991 NUTRITION- 303-655-2986BVSD- (Aug 14 most with 7,8, 10-12 on Aug 15) START TIMES- DAY KINDERGARTEN- & SECURITY- NEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS- DIRECTORY- 303-447-1010TRANSPORTATION- 720-561-5120NUTRITION- 720-561-5042BYERS- (Aug 21 start) 303-822-5292TRANSPORTATION- 303-822-5292 x 1198NUTRITION- 303-822-5292 x 1125CHERRY CREEK- (Aug 12 start) STOP FINDER- NEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS- DAY KINDERGARTEN- & SECURITY- PROCEDURES- 303-773-1184TRANSPORTATION- 720-554-4664NUTRITION- 720-886-7173CLEAR CREEK- (Aug 20 start) DIRECTORY – 303-567-3850TRANSPORTATION- [email protected] NUTRITION- [email protected] TRAIL 26J- (Sep 3 start) DIRECTORY- 303-769-4421TRANSPORTATION- 303-769-4421NUTRITION- 303-769-4421 x157DOUGLAS – (Aug 7 start) INFO – NEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS- DAY KINDERGARTEN- YEAR CALENDARS- & SECURITY- PROCEDURES- DIRECTORY- 303-387-0100TRANSPORTATION- 303-387-0415 NUTRITION- 303-387-0306DPS- (Aug 19 start) STOP/TRANSPORTATION INFO- & SECURITY- PROCEDURES- DIRECTORY- 720-423-3200TRANSPORTATION- 720-423-4600NUTRITION- 720-423-5600ELBERT- (Aug 13 start) GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS- RESOURCE LIST- DIRECTORY- 303-648-3030TRANSPORTATION- 303-648-3030NUTRITION- 303-648-3030 EXT 535ELIZABETH- (Aug 16- 6th & 9th, Aug 19- Mid & HS, Aug-22 Elem) & SECURITY- 303-646-1836TRANSPORTATION- 303-646-6790NUTRITION- 303-646-1850ENGLEWOOD- (Aug 15- Elem and Aug 13 Mid & HS) STOP/TRANSPORTATION INFO- & SECURITY- NEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS- DIRECTORY- 303-761-7050TRANSPORTATION- 303.806.2030NUTRITION- 303-806-2049 ESTES PARK R-3- (Aug 20- MS/HS, Aug 21- Elem) DIRECTORY- 970-586-2361TRANSPORTATION- 970-577-0211 x-3401NUTRITION- 970-586-4439FT. MORGAN RE-3- (Aug 15- 1st-9th, Aug 16- HS) & SECURITY- DIRECTORY- 970-867-5633TRANSPORTATION- 970-867-2263NUTRITION- 970-370-6102GILPIN CO- (Aug 12- Secondary, Aug 13- Elem) & SECURITY- DIRECTORY- 303-582-3444TRANSPORTATION- 303-582-3346NUTRITION- 720-562-3113 GREELEY-EVANS WELD SCHOOL DIST 6- (Aug 15 start) STOPS/TRANSPORTATION- & SECURITY- DIRECTORY- OF SCHOOLS- 970-348-6000TRANSPORTATION- 970-348-6800NUTRITION- 970-348-6600JEFFCO- (Aug 14 start) NEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS- …read more

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