City of Miami shuts down its summer camps amid pandemic

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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced Tuesday that the city is closing down all of its summer camps, following the county and the city of Miami Beach.

Miami Beach announced it was closing its summer camps beginning Monday, and Miami-Dade County-run summer camps closed last Friday.

During a news conference outside City Hall, Suarez confirmed that one child had been infected with COVID-19 at Henderson Park, two children had been infected at Coral Gate Park and one counselor had been infected at Shenandoah Park.

The last day that the summer camps will be open is Friday.

In addition to closing city-run summer camps, the mayor said 39 officers will begin focusing solely on mask compliance seven days a week throughout the city, including 20 neighborhood resource officers and 19 police officers.

Over the weekend, police throughout the county began handing out fines to both businesses and individuals who were caught in violation of the new rules.

Officers say a total of 115 civil citations were issued; 67 to individuals and 48 to businesses.

This was the first full weekend of the new civil penalty enforcement tool, which means code enforcers can work alongside police to mandate compliance.

“We have been going to establishments to ensure they are doing what they had to do,” Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina said. “We are handing out faces masks and then we are doing enforcement for people who, for whatever reason, don’t want to comply.”

Suarez urged those who have tested positive for the virus to call 305-614-1716 so they can be accommodated in a hotel room during a period of isolation.

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He said those who are showing symptoms and have been tested, but have not yet received their results are also eligible to be quarantined in the hotels.

“There are 400 beds available through the state,” Suarez said.

According to the mayor, data continues to show that the majority of new COVID-19 cases are in people ages 18 to 34 at 30%. He said the largest category of people are getting sick in their homes and catching the virus from a family member. A total of 72% of sick patients report their family members are sick too.

“So folks, we must be extremely careful when we get home,” Suarez said. “If you are exposed when you’re coming home, your family is in danger.”

The mayor urged people to maintain …read more

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