Cardi B and Offset take fans to tour the incredibly large ‘dream’ mansion

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We need to see this decorated house (Image: Cardi B / Instagram)

Cardi B and Offset have surpassed everyone’s Christmas by buying a giant mansion in Atlanta, Georgia.

The powerful couple took fans on a tour in their ridiculously large and luxurious new home and it takes a while to tour the entire place.

Cardi, 26, shared a series of videos of the two walking through the mansion, and we want to enter.

She declared: finally We finally closed the house, this is the second time I see her. First, look how big that is. “

We bet it is even bigger in person.

Rapper I Like It posted a subtitle along with his first video that said: time Closing time @offsetyrn and I have been looking for a home for the last 2 years with our real estate agent @b_luxurious.

‘It has been a roller coaster! The houses that @offsetyrn liked always had a room that I didn’t like and we couldn’t remember, and a couple of houses that I liked @offsetyrn said NO because the areas they were in were not good (sic ).

Offset calculates that it can accommodate more than 4 cars there (Image: Cardi B / Instagram)

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