‘Car catches fire after collision with police car in Oss’

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In an accident last night in Oss, an injured person was killed and a police car was severely damaged. Another car caught fire. The passenger car may have collided with the police car. Bystanders said the cop who drove the police car was injured.

The victim is said to have been taken to hospital. It is not clear how the agent is doing. Nothing is known about the occupant of the other car.

Much is unclear about the incident. It looks like the car crashed into the police car from behind, reports Broadcasting Brabant. The car may then have run into the bushes and come to a halt. There the vehicle caught fire. It is not yet clear what preceded it. The police will provide more information later.

The rear of the police car is heavily dented. After the accident, there were debris from the cars on the street.

Bystanders said two more cars were damaged.

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Source:: World Today News


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