Boeing Document Loading Shows ‘Disturbing’ Image at 737 MAX: Official

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More problem for Boeing aerospace giant to handle 737 MAX crisis

Boeing has given a new batch of incriminating documents at 737 MAX to congressional regulators and inspectors, just hours after announcing a leadership uprising, officials confirmed Tuesday.

The rejection came shortly before Christmas, when many officials are already on holiday and “appear to be showing a very worrying picture” of Boeing’s response to 737 MAX security concerns, according to a congressional adviser.

The aide said Boeing sent the documents “late at night” on Monday to congressional staff investigating the aircraft, which has been operational since March after two crashes that killed 346 people.

The aerospace giant has faced a decision to continue flying after the first crash and dispel some workers’ safety concerns and whether it sacrifices safety in the race to develop a plane to compete with a jet.

US regulators have also been criticized for having a very close relationship with the company responsible for oversight.

The Federal Aviation Administration has confirmed that it received what appears to be the same documents Monday afternoon, hours after Boeing Dennis Muilenburg’s departure as chief executive in the midst of the highly critical handling of the MAX crisis.

Boeing said it was “preventing” contacting the FAA and Congress “as part of our commitment to transparency,” a company spokesman said in an email.

“As with the previous documents mentioned by the committee, the tone and content of some of these communications do not reflect the company we are and should be.”

The spokesman also highlighted the changes Boeing has made “over the last nine months to strengthen our processes, organization and culture for security”.

This marks the period after Ethiopian Airlines crash in March. The first 737 MAX crash of a Lion Air flight in Indonesia occurred five months earlier.

The latest revelations make it clear that despite his leadership recovery, Boeing will continue to face questions until 2020 about the actions that led to the crash as it seeks to gain approval to return MAX to service and restore its wear and tear. .

It was imposed earlier for transparency

The rejection of the documents, which began on a quiet Christmas Eve, came hours after Boeing announced it had replaced Muilenburg with President David Calhoun, saying the company needed to “restore trust” and repair relationships with regulators, customers and all other stakeholders.

World-class Boeing 737 MAX fleet in operation since March after two deadly crashes

FAA chief Steve Dickson acquired Boeing in October after the company only provided the agency with the disclosure of documents months after the files were discovered.

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