Bill Walton Sets Twitter Ablaze Again With Oregon vs ASU Commentary

Just one night after going on an epic Winnie the Pooh rant in the Pac-12 tournament, Bill Walton was back on his A-game in the Pac-12 semifinal matchup between Oregon and FSU. With a laundry list of hilarious moments that set Twitter ablaze, Walton has cemented himself as must-watch late-night basketball television.

Bill Walton Oregon vs ASU Commentary: Twitter Reactions

Bill Walton just said “I stopped by the Statue of Liberty today, thinking about freedom, and the ability to go for it all.”

Bill Walton is in Las Vegas.

Bill Walton stood outside the Statute of Liberty at the New York, New York Casino


— Aaron Torres (@Aaron_Torres) March 16, 2019

just Bill Walton doing the sprinkler while calling a game

— SB Nation (@SBNation) March 16, 2019

.@DavePasch: I was talking to Bobby Hurley before the game. I don’t know where you were.

Bill Walton: I was eating fire.

— Jon Rothstein (@JonRothstein) March 16, 2019

“You’ve got to win here in Vegas.”

“Las Vegas, please … Jerry Garcia does not sing Bama Getaway.”

— Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) March 16, 2019

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